The SquidBox MK2™ Pico - SF layout

The SquidBox MK2™ Pico - SF layout

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Key Features

  • CNC Machined Aluminuim With Bead blasted finish frame, control panel and buttons
  • detachable USB-C daughter board for easy replacement
  • super portable 
    • H: 160 mm
    • L: 240 mm
    • D: 18 mm
  • lightweight: 800g
  • Draw string carrier Bag included
  • USB type C breaded cable included (2m)
  • Compatible: PC / PS3 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / Android


Please add the art work printing at ordering here

artwork template:coming soon

Shipping Windows

made to order

GP2040 Firmware

GP2040-CE (Community Edition) is a gamepad firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico and other boards based on the RP2040 microcontrollers that combines multiplatform compatibility, low latency and a rich feature set to provide endless customization possibilities without sacrificing performance.

GP2040-CE is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android.

mode details here

Hotswapp switches

By default, the SquidBox comes preinstalled with Kailh Choc v2 red switches. 

All the switches are installed via hotswapp sockets allowing for easy swapping. You can then leverage the very large switch choc v1 and v2 catalog for Kailh.



The Squidbox comes with a black set of high quality injection molded caps 

Blue, green or red set are available in limited quantities do not hesitate to ask!!


The SquidBox is now in Pre Order mode. you can see the next available delivery slot in the description

Returns & Exchanges

Easy returns and exchanges. See our Refund policy for more info.

🇫🇷 Made in France

SquidBoxArcades is based in France. All our products are designed and assembled in France.

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A Fully Modular Design

Our controller features a layered case design, with a clear acrylic top that allows you to customize your controller to your liking.

Make it your own

We are excited to offer the option for custom artwork on your controller! Simply download the template below and send us your artwork through the contact form at the time of order.

Template for art

  • Awesome service

    "Exactly a week ago that I've ordered my controller from Squidboxarcades. The owner, answered my questions within hours, but mostly within minutes. He even called the postal service to find out where my package went, because it was dropped off somewhere. The Squidbox is really well build, and I love to use it. 10/10 would reccomend. Definitely recommend!"

    - Denacegold, UK

  • Just Spot on!

    "Fantastic build quality and product. Came in with both acrylic pannels protected and with a few extra buttons! Easy to disassemble (you will need a hex screwdriver) and to mod (buttons switches are easily removable). However, the USB plug is slightly recessed. Because of that, you will only be able to use slimmer type C cables. Would recommend to everyone looking to buy a leverless-stick 👍"

    - Rayane, FR

  • 100% Recommend!

    "I received my squidbox earlier today and I've been playing with it for the last few hours. It's great, I've owned a lot of buttons-type controllers, and I can say this one is a great one. Great quality, it's easy to open up and put whatever switches you may want in there, buttons feel great and everything else works just fine. My order came quickly and they were super kind answering all the stupid questions I had before buying it. Price is also extremely competitive if you want a low-profile button-type controller in Europe. Highly recommended"

    - Valerio, IT